Sep 16 -

" After my visit to the village I have an appointment with Cornelia, a sweet experienced woman from Switzerland, living and dedicated to the world of crafts in Ecuador for many years, especially those of Simiatug. Cornelia is a mural and sculpture artist. These are some of her works. "


This is the journey of Daniela Franceschini, an ABURY designer on the quest to combine international design with traditional crafts from Ecuador to create exclusive and unique products with a story to tell. Find more about ABURY Collection here.

The more possibilities we have to become the same, the more we want to differentiate again. It is time to empower goods with their own character. Products are not only valued anymore because of their designs, but because of their emotional and spiritual added value. Here is the place where we go BEYOND to celebrate design & craft and extra-ordinary products with a story. Visit us at